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Monday 6th May 2024. 11:00 AM.








Digital Science is a technology company with its headquarters in London, United Kingdom that focuses on strategic investments into startup companies that support the research lifecycle. The company has a broad range of trusted software, insights, analytics, and content to meet the community’s needs.Today, Digital Science is a trusted partner providing research workflow solutions and data and analytical insights.

Dimensions is part of digital science. It is the largest linked research information database in the world. It is a dynamic and user-friendly open-access research tool that has revolutionized the process of discovering, accessing, and analyzing research. It encompasses   all publications and datasets along with valuable contextual details, all accessible for personal and non-personal commercial use.

TCC Africa has introduced various consortiums and institutions to the open-access research tool with the aim of improving research output and visibility. The trainings organized entail interactive sessions offering guidance to the participants from diverse participating institutions on effectively utilization of Dimensions.

Dimensions houses over 100 million publications, including scholarly journal articles, books, book chapters, preprints, and conference

proceedings. These publications are enriched with linked data sets, funding information, patents, clinical trials, and policy documents, allowing users to explore associated categories, funders, institutions, and researcher profiles.

Expected outcomes from dimension:
  • Understanding dimension features
  • Learning how to explore and understand the connection between publications, grants, clinical trials, patents, datasets and policy documents.
  • Comprehending the significance of the open access platform.


    Scholarcy is an AI-powered academic writing and research tool that possesses the capability to analyze and condense research articles, reports and book chapters into digestible portions. Its through scholarcy that one can gauge the significance of any document to the intended area of research. By identifying key information such as study participants, data analyses, main findings and limitations, the time spent appraising a study is reduced by over 70%.

  • TCC Africa offers training to its participants to aid them in understanding Scholarcy’s features, mastering research paper summarization, citation and reference management, streamlining literature reviews, and offering hands-on training. At the end of the training, participants are expected to gain the capability to train others in their academic and research communities, sharing the benefits of Scholarcy to enhance academic writing and research outcomes.

    Expected outcomes from scholarcy:
    • Understanding scholarcy features.
    • How to utilize scholarcy so as to improve their academic writing process.
    • The open access online manuscript summarizer reads one`s research articles, reports and book chapters in seconds and breaks them down into bite-sized sections. This way one can quickly assess how important any document is to your work.



Knowledge Unlatched is an open-access database for books in the Social Sciences, Arts, and Humanities field. The key advantage of this database is that it allows all librarians to add booksfrom the respective university platforms and is inclusive of books written in indigenous languages, all at no cost.TCC Africa training is concentrated on harnessing the Open Research Library (ORL), an open-access research discovery solution developed by Knowledge Unlatched whose objective is to boost research discoverability and productivity. The open access database is for books in Social Sciences and Arts and Humanities .

Expected outcomes from ORL(Open Research Library):
  • Understanding the Open Research Library features .
  • Comprehending the importance of the platform for Librarians
  • Librarians will be ablr to understand how to index produced in their institutions into the platform.
  • The database accepts books written in indigenous language.


Discover Advanced Research Tools:

Introduce participants to cutting-edge tools: Dimensions, The Open Research Library, and Scholarcy for elevated scholarly exploration.

Empower Emerging Researchers:

Emphasize the tools’ role in amplifying discovery, analysis, and tracking of literature, grants, and patents, particularly benefiting early career researchers.

Optimize Research Efforts:

Share insights on streamlining workflows, enhancing literature reviews, and managing grants efficiently using the showcased tools.

Build a Collaborative Community:

Cultivate networking opportunities, encouraging collaboration among participants within the dynamic research community.

Interactive Dialogue:

Respond to participant inquiries in real time, ensuring a clear understanding of tool integration and practical application. The webinar aspires to empower attendees by introducing innovative tools, providing practical skills through workshops, and fostering a collaborative environment to enhance their research journey.


Mohamud Mohamed Siad holds a Master’s in Library and Information Science (LIS) and a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). He is an experienced librarian, serving as the director of SIMAD University libraries, a teacher at SIMAD University, and a library and information organization

consultant. Additionally, Mohamud is the Information Coordinator for the International Federation of Library Association and Institutions (IFLA) Acquisition and Collection

Development Section, volunteering his expertise. He is also the founding and current president of the Somali Library Association.


Joy Owango

Joy Owango is a Kenyan Open Science and Open Access advocate. She is the Executive Director of the Training Centre in Communication, an organization she founded in 2006.

Emma Warren- Jones

Emma has many years commercial experience in the Edtech, academic publishing and information industries, launching content & discovery platforms and analytics tools to the global research community.

Wilson de Souza

Regional Manager Ibero-America, Oceania, Africa and Asia for Knowledge Unlatched. Wilson is growing the level of Open Access support for institutions in South America, Southern Europe and the APAC region.

Nicholas Outa

Nicholas Outa is a PhD scholar and part-time lecturer in Fisheries and Aquaculture at Maseno University in Kenya. He has published over 40 papers in peer-reviewed journals in the areas of aquatic sciences focusing on fisheries and aquaculture.


The session will be skillfully moderated by Ms. Joy Owango, the Executive Director of the Training Centre in Communication. The following outlines the specific topics each presenter will cover in their respective presentations:
  • Presenter 1: Nicholas Outa
– Topic: Dimensions
  • Presenter 2: Emma Warren Jones
– Topic: Scholarcy
  • Presenter 3: Wilson de Souza
– Topic: Open Research Library by Knowledge Unlatched.
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